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UGAMP Newsletter

The UGAMP Newsletter promoted the exchange of results, news and information to the UGAMP community, funding bodies & the scientific community at large.

What is the UGAMP Newsletter?

The Newsletter appeared several times a year, with one issue dedicated the year's UGAMP conference and carries all of the abstracts of the meeting. The other issue(s) focus on an aspect of UGAMP science as well as containing general news from UGAMP groups.

The Newsletter was originally disseminated as a text file that was emailed to UGAMP groups. It has since grown into a colour document which is freely available to anyone and also appears as an electronic online document on the Internet.

The editor of the UGAMP Newsletter was Dr. Glenn Carver, of the Centre for Atmospheric Science at Cambridge University.

Issue No. Formats for printing
Issue 27 - October 2003 UGAMP Conference (PDF)
Issue 26 - October 2002 New directions for UGAMP Science (PDF)
Issue 25 - April 2002 UGAMP Conference (PDF)
Issue 24 - March 2001 Tracer transport in the atmosphere (PDF)
Issue 23 - September 2000
UGAMP Conference (PDF)
Issue 22 - March 2000 High Performance Computing (PDF)
Issue 21 - September 1999
UGAMP Conference (PDF)
Issue 20 - January 1999 Upper Troposphere / Lower Stratosphere Research (PDF)
Issue 19 - September 1998 UGAMP Conference (PDF)
Issue 18 - November 1997
Climate Variability Research & Field Campaigns and Model Intercomparisons (PDF)
Issue 17 - June 1997 UGAMP Conference (PDF)
Issue 16 - January 1997 IFS & UM special issue (PDF)
Issue 15 - Summer 1996
UGAMP conference (PDF)
Issue 14 - Spring 1996 Coupled Modelling special issue (PDF)
Issue 13 - Summer 1995 UGAMP conference (PDF)
Issue 12 - Winter 1994 ASHOE & SESAME special issue (PDF)
Issue 11 - Summer 1994 UGAMP conference (PDF)
Other Issues: early issues are text only, later issues are gzipped PostScript files or PDF. Connect to ftp server to retrieve any past issue